"Our responsive website platform ensures your site looks
absolutely perfect on every manufacturer, device, screen size,
operating system, and browser on the planet." 

Responsive Marketing = Increased ROI

Enhance your website with responsive marketing features and personalization tools based on user behavior, location and timing factors. 

Your site responds with specifically tailored content to make your site more appealing, more valuable and more engaging for your audience.

The Bottom Line: More ROI!

Because our system recognizes a device’s IP address, location, device type, and how many times that device has been used to view your website, we can respond by offering different information to different people.

Your site could offer one feature (e.g. a menu, a coupon, or an email form) to a laptop/desktop user... and perhaps a Click 2 Call button or a map link to a mobile user.

In the same way, customized content can be shown based on the number of times the user has visited your site, as well as the timing of the visit (e.g. date, day of the month, a holiday, whether your business is open/closed, etc...)

The possibilities are endless!

Examples Of Customized Content Based On User Criteria 

  • Display a custom banner
  • Display a custom coupon
  • Display an email contact form
  • Display Click 2 Call, Click 2 Email or Click 2 Text
  • Display an online scheduler link
  • Display an email marketing signup form
  • Display a specific menu
  • Display a follow us link for Facebook and other social media sites
  • Display a specific page from your site based on its URL extension
  • Change the look of the site for a holiday
  • And much more...
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