Testimonal: Brent

Initial Objections
  • "Hadn't used this type of marketing that Gloss presents before."
  • "A little apprehensive about what might happen."

Post-Campaign Comments
  • "Gloss team is constantly wanting to try and make things better."

  • "Getting ready to start our 5th campaign."
  • "We've sold a bunch of vehicles"
  • "Each campaign has gotten better and better."

  • "Definitely the ROI is there."

Testimonal: James

Initial Objections
  • "Obviously I was a little hesitant."
  • "We had never done these type of phone calls."
  • "We heard about the technology before, but not how it worked."

First Campaign Results
  • 900 calls
  • 75 Ups
  • 25 sales

Post-Campaign Comments
  • "Very impressive for a 3 day call spree... I suggest you jump on board while it's hot."

  • "They've done a good job,... excellent service... worked with us to use the right data... "

  • "A lot cheaper and we're getting better results"

Testimonal: OJ

Initial Objections
  • "I didn't know what to expect when I signed on."
  • "We had a lot pushback in the beginning"
  • "I've heard a lot of pitches in my lifetime."

First Campaign Results
  • 92 sales
  • Over $212,000 revenue
  • Cost per sale "Absolutely the lowest I've ever paid anybody"

Post-Campaign Comments
  • The investment is "a drop in the bucket"  

  • "We had a few problems on our first campaign, but they were fixed immediately... things got taken care of..."

  • "There is nothing else like it in the traditional marketing and advertising sense in a car dealership."

Auto Dealer Customer Call & Scheduled Up

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