Right On Mobile is a web development and marketing company based in Boulder, CO helping local businesses increase revenue by providing mobile-friendly and responsive websites; e-commerce; and digital marketing services.
We are highly differentiated from our competition because we develop and host our clients' sites on our own platform to guarantee device compatibility forever; enable our clients to easily revise their sites to avoid future development costs; and maximize revenue with automated and human delivered online reputation management, social media marketing, and SEO services.


► Our culture all flows from a foundation of integrity. Integrity obviously includes honesty (in a big way). But it doesn't end there. 

Integrity also includes:
  • Being Responsive (never causing the other party to ask, "Why haven't they gotten back to me yet?")
  • Being Proactive (making things happen instead of waiting for them to happen)
  • Being Reachable (within reason - we all deserve the right to go "off the grid" as long as it's handled professionally)
  • Treating Customers Like Gold (because they are!)
  • Being Accountable (accepting responsibility for our commitments and actions; "making things right" when we fall short)
In summary, integrity is a commitment to doing the right thing, and not being a FOSSIL.

An acronym coined by company founder Greg Shanken, a FOSSIL is:

Full Of S---t Scattered Indifferent & Lazy

So achieving integrity is simple: Don't be a FOSSIL! :)

We demand integrity of our employees, vendors, partners, and customers. 

And we pledge our integrity in return. 

► We are committed to helping people. 

Behind every business are founders, executives, managers, employees, vendors, partners and customers. 

So we believe that our products and services are helping all individuals associated with that business by helping it operate more efficiently and profitably.

Yes - we earn money by doing so - and money is important. Furthermore, the fact that money is important need not be a delicate topic or one that should be discussed in hushed tones.

It just so happens that cultivating a culture and mindset based on "helping" also generates the most money for both our customers and for our business. And that's a good thing!

► We like to have fun.

We believe that "fun" is different for everyone, and that we shouldn't spend time defining "fun."

So let's just have some... and then have some more!

Outside Sales Representative


► Over 30-40% of the 28mm small businesses in the U.S. do not have mobile-friendly websites! 

► Most of these companies (and a huge number of companies that do have mobile-friendly sites) don't have the time, knowledge, or resources to maximize revenue from their online presence by:
  • Implementing strategic and aggressive social media strategies. 
  • Maintaining their online reputation (i.e. generating more online reviews, replying in minutes to negative reviews, and gaining maximum exposure from positive reviews).
  • Ensuring their online listings with search engines and 300+ data sources are accurate and fully distributed.
► We know how to target these companies with in-house and proprietary tools, as well as innovative marketing and lead-generation strategies.

► Our closing ratio is 30-50%+, because unlike most of our competition, we host our clients' sites on our own platform, which delivers the following benefits:
  • We provide lifetime updates to ensure sites are not only delivered to be 100% responsive, but remain so as new devices, screen sizes, and OS versions enter the market.
  • We provide a highly robust and user-friendly management portal so our clients can easily revise their sites without incurring development costs.
  • We provide a combination of automation, human agents, and a centralized platform to provide digital marketing, social media and SEO services to maximize our clients' revenue.


If you are not a Rock Star then this position is not for you.

But if you are (and we choose to bring you onto our team), we will empower you with highly effective training, one-on-one coaching, qualified leads, admin support, and a complete array of sales and marketing tools to ensure your success.

We are seeking Outside Sales Representatives who are ready to tap into this incredible market.

We are willing to train the right individual if you have little or no prior sales experience.

This is a virtual position allowing you to work from anywhere in the world.

This position is 100% commission-based, so there is literally no ceiling on your earnings! *

* However, we are still extremely selective as we don't want to waste your time or ours if you are not the right fit. You must comfortable with performance-based compensation, as well as being hungry, aggressive, and coachable.


◉ Video, one-on-one and group training to learn our products, target market; prospecting, selling and closing strategies; and tech and productivity skills.
◉ Cloud-based CRM tool to easily manage your prospecting and sales efforts. 
◉ An unending supply of leads, consisting only of companies without mobile-friendly websites.
◉ 95% of all provided leads include complete contact info of decision-maker(s).
◉ Administrative support to maximize your prospecting and selling time. 
◉ Once you've proven yourself, we will provide inbound leads and set qualified appointments for you!


Please thoroughly read this job description and apply only if you feel you are the right fit and are comfortable pursuing a commission-only sales position.

Not everyone is - and that's OK. Just be honest with yourself as time is too precious to waste for all parties.

If you conclude you are a good fit (and we agree after reviewing your application), then we look forward to meeting you.

And if we ultimately move forward together, you have our 100% commitment and most of all - our integrity - to do everything in our power to ensure your success!

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